Management Coaching

You know what you are good at. You know where you start to feel uncomfortable. And you know what you full on avoid.

Be honest. How would you score yourself in these areas?

  • holding others accountable
  • developing talent on your team
  • using feedback effectively
  • dealing with conflict
  • running effective meetings
  • being a fully engaged and authentic

To grow, you need to build on your strengths and you have to start working in that space just outside your comfort zone. That’s where you take risks. That’s where you need a coach.

Why hire a Management Coach?

You need candid feedback and reliable course correction.

In a perfect world, we would all have managers who give us constructive one-on-one time on a regular basis. The reality is that very few managers have people in their organization who are actually coaching them to be stronger managers.

And the higher up you get, the fewer people are willing to give you honest feedback.

When you work with a management coach you get to talk to someone who isn’t competing with you, and whose only agenda is to make you a better leader. Your coach will call you out, and challenge you like no one else.

Management coaching provides lasting results.

The buzz from taking a course may last a day or two, but new knowledge needs to be processed and challenged before you can really integrate it and use it to make lasting change.

Your coach stays with you as you move forward and back with new ideas. When something derails you, your coach will hold you to account and get you back on track with personalized course corrections. That is why coaching has been proven to improve people’s results as much as 80% more than courses alone.

Management Coach: Chris Obst

Great coaching, and great results are all about fit. Chris Obst’s approach is very straightforward.

Chris gets to know you, your role in the company and the expectations that are on you (both real and perceived).

He gets to know your management strengths and weaknesses.

  • Do you have trouble dealing with conflict? Do you avoid it?
  • Are you giving your team the feedback they need?
  • Do you have direct reports who keep you up at night?

And Chris assesses your energy levels. Energy management is at the core of Jump Management Coaching because doing something better than you are doing it now will take energy. You can’t jump higher without it.

How does coaching work?

Once Chris has done an audit of your management style and energy management, you will discuss the results and agree on a coaching plan. Your needs determine Chris’s approach but most often, day-to day challenges raise the key issues that you will need to address.

You work on mindset, emotional triggers, physical capacity and stress endurance. As a result, you will make fundamental shifts to the way you lead and you will sustain high performance results.

Coaching can take place face-to-face or over the phone. Chris works effectively with clients in Canada, the US and Europe.

Bottom line.

With Jump Management Coaching, managers grow, teams respond and performance goes up.

Email or call to set up a free coaching consultation and decide for yourself if Jump Management Coaching is what you need to get to the next level.