More effective and more energized

Chris has had a huge impact on how I think about managing my time and personal energy. In my coaching sessions, he has consistently provided fantastic insights into how to motivate teams and scale as a leader. Since working with Chris, I have become a more effective manager and feel more energized than ever!

Kelly Waldher | Director | Microsoft

Small changes stick

“Chris Obst delivered leadership mentoring along with showing me how to increase my energy to enable peak performance. His approach to energy management was remarkable because he gradually introduced small changes that were easy to make and eventually became sustainable habits, which was very important to me to avoid falling back to old patterns. Not only has his coaching increased my energy level but I also lead a healthier lifestyle overall now.”

Markus Jansen |  Microsoft Corporation

Keynote with lasting learning

Chris Obst’s keynote delivery was excellent and very well received. He engaged the audience from the outset and maintained their interest to the end (over 2 hours!) with a very clear, actionable message.

The feedback from his session was so strong and positive that our leadership decided to extend the program and enable a limited number team member to have 1:1 coaching sessions with him. Chris worked with us to draft and execute a program where he engaged 30 people for 1 hour sessions.

Feedback was again excellent. They were able to greatly benefit from his advice and guidance, enhancing their personal lives and their performance at work.

Benny Sterental | Incubation Sales Manager – Americas | Microsoft Corporation

Exceptional value for Executives

Chris is one of the premier management effectiveness professionals that I have worked with in the last 20 years and I would recommend him to any organization looking to increase their leadership effectiveness in the face of market and business challenges.

Bruce Wiesner | Associate Dean of the Sauder School Of Business | University of British Columbia.

An idea we are going to invest in

I attended Chris’ program to learn how to better prepare our senior level managers to cope with the pressures of today’s productivity-focused workplace. I came out with a new perspective on productivity and stress management.

The notion of managing energy, not time, is one that we are going to invest in. This course should be required “basic training” for anyone in a highly demanding role.

Katy Player | Sr. HR Advisor – Employee Wellness | BC Hydro

I’ve increased my sales by 50%

Earlier this year, I was going through a major rut in my career. It got to the point where I started to feel like I wasn’t cut out for my job and thought I might not be in the right industry. I was feeling unmotivated and my low sales numbers were evidence of that.

After working with Chris, I was able to re-discover the values that really drove me and pushed me to be successful. I’ve increased my sales by 50% and now I’m hitting sales targets I couldn’t imagine before.

Not only that, my recent success at work has had a positive impact on my personal life. And I have more energy for my family, which just makes sense because they are the reason I do everything I do.

Jeff Mesina | Manager, Integrated Digital Solutions | Total Graphics Inc.

Struggling to avoid burn out

Chris exemplifies what it means to be fully engaged by managing your energy. As a facilitator, Chris’ passion is contagious. He speaks from his heart and uses great humor.

Many of our leaders struggle to avoid burn out, expand their careers and maintain balance in their lives. Our people have talked about the profound impact Chris’ Energy Management sessions had on them, both personally and professionally. He was the highlight of our leadership development workshops and we highly recommend Chris to other organizations.

Shannon Wallis | Director | Microsoft Worldwide Leadership Programs

I was fortunate to meet Chris early

I was fortunate to meet Chris early in my career. He helps you with real problems, not theory. I’ve never seen someone glean so much from, “How’s your week?” Chris sees through the clutter to the actual problem and then you work together to fix it. With his coaching you grow and duplicate your successes down the road.

Lori Pettigrew | Operations Manager

Thinking out of the box

Working with Chris has enabled me to think more broadly and more strategically with my team and my customers. Working on how I could be more effective helped me think differently about looking for improved results overall. I have really changed the way I manage and approach each day on the job. I am now more energized than ever when it comes to thinking out of the box and getting the results we need to be successful.

Brad Myers | Senior Director of Worldwide Sales | Microsoft

The biggest benefit

The biggest benefit of working with Chris has been having someone coach me through real life situations and debrief with me after. He provided key insights into how my actions impact my direct reports, peers, and my superiors. The result has been:

  • Increased confidence in my decisions.
  • More consistent mood and energy level throughout the day.
  • Increased productivity through better management of time and priorities.
  • Better relationship with my family & friends.

Anyone looking to develop themselves in their role would benefit from Chris’ winning combination of coach, trainer, and confidant.

James Hvezda | Customer Care Manager | Kirk Integrated Marketing Services

All managers have different work styles

All managers have different work styles. Chris Obst’s strength is recognizing those differences and effectively guiding and mentoring individuals to maximize their own unique potential. He has made me a better manager, and a better person.

Anonymous| Vice President

Practical and tangible results

Chris has substantially improved my management and leadership abilities on a very practical and tangible level. He helped me overcome certain limitations, fears and beliefs pertaining to managing people. Overall, I am a significantly more effective manager since working with Chris.

Samantha Legge | Vice-President Marketing | Canada Wide Media Ltd.

Importance of feedback

Chris helped me see the importance of providing ALL types of feedback to my direct reports on a regular basis. I understand now that people need to hear the good, the bad and the ugly in order to thrive in their positions. And in fact, they want to hear it. He also helped me create a balance between my work and personal life.

I’m a better VP and Mom because of this.

Natalie Green | Vice President | Kirk Integrated Marketing Services